This Week in DAOs - May 27, 2021

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There is a lot to cover this week in the DAO world! Keep scrolling to get caught up.

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📰 This Week’s News

Uniswap’s Arbitrum Proposal

Arguably the splashiest proposal in decentralized governance this week was Andy8052 calling for Uniswap to deploy V3 to Arbitrum mainnet, an EVM-compatible Layer 2 solution set to launch on May 28th.

There are a few interesting aspects of this proposal worth highlighting.

First, it is well-known that Uniswap has been working with the Optimism team on using their L2 scaling solution when its ready sometime this year; the Snapshot vote, which currently has 41.45m YES votes and 0 NO votes, signals strong community support for alternative scaling solutions that are ready now. Passing an official on-chain vote to implement this proposal will require a 40M vote quorum.

Second, Uniswap V3’s business source license added an element of complexity to implementation of this proposal. As explained by Noah Zinsmeister in the forum thread, deploying to Arbitrum would require an “additional use grant” made by Uniswap governance. This detail was included in the Snapshot vote, created by Compound founder Robert Leshner, which will move this proposal to an official on-chain vote.

The final thing worth pointing out is how fast this all happened! Pretty cool.

Gitcoin DAO Launches

Another huge story this week in DAOs was the official launch of the $GTC token and Gitcoin DAO. As we wrote about a couple weeks ago, Gitcoin has been dropping hints that this was coming for a while now - and it’s finally here!

Anyone who has given or received funding in past Gitcoin Grants rounds is able to claim $GTC (via an elegant claim process, kudos to the team), delegate them to others (called Stewards), and contribute to the decision making around, for example, setting grants round categories and sizes, the meta-governance of the DAO, and more. Other active participants in Gitcoin’s mission will also be eligible to claim or earn tokens.

Read Gitcoin's Introductory Blog

We highly encourage you to read the above blog to learn more. One quote puts Gitcoin’s mission into clear picture:

While Gitcoin DAO is an end in itself, it is also a means to another end: To chart a course to Quadratic Lands— a future-state where communities are empowered to build for the common good, and digital democracy reigns.

It’s going to be exciting to watch Gitcoin further decentralize and build a DAO around funding public goods for a community of other DAOs. Stay tuned in to Stateless for more, we’ll be keeping track!

Decentraland DAO

While we’re on the topic of digital realms, Decentraland released a new implementation of their DAO this week to govern affairs in their virtual world/metaverse.

Read the Announcement Blog

Decentraland DAO will leverage a Snapshot instance and a Gnosis multi-sig, while Aragon smart contracts will handle the back-end. They’ve also spun up the following resources:

The multi-sig is controlled by a three member DAO Committee which will be trusted to implement any actions voted through Snapshot, “like transferring grant funding, banning a name, adding a POI, or adding a Catalyst node.”

Another group, called the Security Advisory Board, will control a seperate multi-sig that must unanimously approve any modifications to LAND or Estate contract initiated through community governance. The SAB will “act as a guarantor of Decentraland’s smart contract security, and is tasked with overseeing the work of the DAO Committee and responding to vulnerability and bug reports in any of Decentraland’s contracts.”

DAOplomacy by PrimeDAO

PrimeDAO, which is dedicated to making open finance tools “available to the masses,” announced a new mechanism (in prototype) they’ve designed to facilitate DAO-to-DAO interactions. In short, it will allow for “tokens to be trustlessly exchanged between DAOs depending on predetermined event conditions.” Based on the Gnosis Conditional Tokens Framework, PrimeDAO hopes that the tools they’ll build around this prototype will usher in an era of “DAOplomacy” as DAOs emerge for a variety of different use cases and interactions amongst them proliferate.

Read PrimeDAO's Announcement Blog

PartyDAO Kicks Off

Earlier this month, PartyDAO raised 25 ETH to fund the development of a product for collective bidding on NFTs.

This week, they posted on Mirror their plan to go about doing so, while also building a “long-lasting organization that can fund its own continued existence.”

Read their Mirror Post

As of now, they’ve identified the team that will build out their scoped V.1 and are recruiting more builders to join them on their journey. As they note in the Mirror post above, they hope to lower the barrier to entry for the type of collective bidding that has already begun to take place with organizations like PleasrDAO.

Open DeFi DAO <> Kleros

Last but not least, another exciting development this week was the announced partnership between:

  • Open DeFi DAO - a DAO focused on building multi-chain DeFi;

  • Kleros - a decentralized arbitration service for disputes in the decentralized economy; and,

  • Gnosis Safe - a widely-used solution for holding Ethereum-based assets in a secure multi-signature smart contract.

From Open DeFi’s announcement blog:

With this solution in place, the Open DeFi DAO will be able to operate on multiple blockchains simultaneously, while enabling governance token holders to participate in governance no matter which blockchain platform their tokens are on.

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