This Week in DAOs - August 26, 2021

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📊 This Week’s Stats

Source: Boardroom Screener

Ecosystem Overview - August 26, 2021:

  • 💰 $8.89 billion in DAO treasuries 💰

  • 🗳️ 219,778 ballots ever 🗳️

  • 👥 58,779 unique voters ever 👥

  • ✍️ 5,837 proposals ever ✍️

Governance Activity - Last 7 Days

  • 🗳️ 2,858 ballots cast on 76 different proposals 🗳️

  • 👥 1,781 unique voters 👥

  • 🌐 27 DAOs with active voters 🌐

  • ✍️ 49 new proposals created this week ✍️

📰 This Week’s News

Aave Cross-Chain Governance

Just hours ago, Aave released a set of open source tools “to enable true cross-chain governance on Ethereum.” They also announced that they are open sourcing the main front-end interface to the Aave Protocol, allowing anyone to “build an alternative front-end with a different or enhanced user experience.”

Read Aave's Announcement

Aave’s governance cross-chain bridges are a significant innovation for the Ethereum ecosystem, which is increasingly going multi-chain via networks like Polygon.

A vote to “test a cross-chain transaction workflow that would enable the Ethereum based smart contract for governance for the Aave Protocol (the ‘Aave Ethereum Governance’) to control the deployment of the Aave Protocol on Polygon (the ‘Aave Polygon market’),” is live now.

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Polychain Chimes in on Compound Governance

Jacob Phillips, researcher at major crypto VC firm Polychain Capital, shared a report in the Compound governance forum entitled “COMP Summer Cleaning: Time to get organized.” In it, Phillips consolidates a list of issues with Compound governance and proposes some potential solutions.

COMP Summer Cleaning

In the ensuing discussion, several comments and suggestions have been made that are worth reading whether you’re specifically interested in Compound or simply decentralized governance in general. After all, Compound was one of the first DeFi projects to hand governance over to its community of token holders. There is much to learn from its experience.

Read/Join the Forum Discussion

a16z Delegate Disclosure

Another story related to crypto VC firms engaging with DAO governance popped up today when a16z released details around their governance rights delegation program.

As outlined in the second tweet of the above thread, these details include a16z’s:

  • Best practices for token delegation

  • Criteria for assessing delegates

  • Legal mechanics and template docs

  • Current delegate network

  • Ideas for future improvement

Read a16z's Blog Post

They even open-sourced their delegate engagement letter and their rubric for evaluating potential delegates.


SwingDAO launched this week with an announcement that they are building a protocol that allows users to buy and sell votes. Following the recent release of and Vitalik’s essay criticizing coin voting, Swing is striking at the heart of a hot topic in DAO governance these days: “coin voting reform [and] the need for transparency in currently existing — and unavoidable — bribing practices.”

Swing protocol is still in development but the blog post linked below outlines its preliminary model for “developing fluid voting markets on top of existing coin voting systems where users can sell their votes for DAI in order to extract value from their governance tokens.”

Introducing Swing Protocol

Bankless + Gitcoin Survey

If you read this newsletter, you know that DAOs underpin everything in crypto.

As such, as crypto continues to grow, more and more people find themselves working for DAOs.

GitcoinDAO and Bankless DAO teamed up to start mapping this new frontier of “work”. They released a survey, linked below, calling all DAO workers to “contribute to the discussion and help inform the ecosystem + hopefully help the ecosystem coordinate to create better infrastructure for ‘the internet of jobs’.”

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