Stateless Weekly - Week 35

A weekly resource covering DAOs and their governance

Welcome to the new-look Stateless Weekly!

In addition to a curated collection of the week’s best tweets, articles, blogs, essays, and podcasts on distributed organizations and their governance, this newsletter will now feature weekly DAO updates written by Boardroom’s Governance Scribes!

Governance Scribes are helping to solve a fundamental pain point for DAOs: the DAO information problem. It is simply too hard for most individuals to keep up with everything going on in the DAOs they’re a part of. This makes effective participation in governance more challenging than it should be.

Each week, Scribes put together a Weekly Update containing information about live and recent votes, discussions in their DAO’s forums, relevant news, and more. Scribes will also be creating Governance Guides and other resources to help their fellow DAO members get involved in governance. Keep scrolling to see which DAOs have weekly updates this week.

As always, reply here or reach out to us on the Boardroom Discord with ideas or questions. And if you’re interested in becoming a Governance Scribe for a DAO you’re a part of, apply here.

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A collection of curated updates written by Boardroom Governance Scribes.

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Stateless by Boardroom is a community-driven resource covering digital and distributed organizations and their governance. If you’re interested in contributing to Stateless, reply here or reach out to us on the Boardroom Discord.