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🗣️ Tweets

📚 Good Reads

👻 Aave

Recent Votes

  • Liquidation Bonus Updates [Product/Parameter Change] [View]

  • Polygon Cross-chain Governance Test [Meta] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • ARC: Update AMPL interest rate curve to account for over-approximation in compounded interest [Development] [Discuss]

  • Announcement: Aave Snapshot Space [Meta] [Discuss]

  • Proposal : A decentralized and public Aave frontend [Development] [Discuss]

🏦 Compound

Recent Votes

  • Set Pause Guardian to Community Multi-Sig [Meta/Development] [View]

  • Return Accidentally Sent Funds [Treasury] [View]

New Discussions

  • New Market Addition: Gemini dollar (GUSD) [Product] [Discuss]

  • Add Market: MATIC [Product] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Formal process for new collateral assets [Meta/Product] [Discuss]

  • RFP 16: Dynamic COMP reward distribution [Development] [Discuss]

  • Official COMP token(s) on Arbitrum & Optimism [Development] [Discuss]

🦉 Index Coop

Live Votes

  • IIP-80: Meta Governance Proposals [MGP] Process [Meta] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • IIP-75: Web3 Engineer - Full Time offer [Staffing] [View]

  • [AAVE-34] Liquidation Bonus Updates [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • [AAVE-28] Polygon Cross-chain Governance Test [Meta-Governance] [View]

New Discussions

  • [UPDATED] Proposal: Market Making Proposal from Wintermute Trading [Product] [Discuss]

  • IIP-80: Meta Governance Proposals [MGP] Process [Meta] [Discuss]

  • IIP-81: Meta Governance Autonomy [Meta] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Why is the Index Coop Proposing to launch our own suite of leveraged indices? [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • IIP-58: Launching Pulse Aggregate Yield (PAY) [Product/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • IIP-75: Web3 Engineer - Full Time offer [Staffing] [Discuss]

  • IIP-78: Launch The Yield Hunter Index ($YHI) [Product] [Discuss]

  • IIP-XX: Launch a LINK2x Leveraged Product [Product] [Discuss]

  • Launching the next wave of FLIs [Product/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • IIP-71 : Launching the Robot Index (iRobot) [Product] [Discuss]

🎟️ PoolTogether

Recent Votes

  • PTIP 32/34/35 Bundle [Staffing/Treasury/Strategy] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Gamifying PoolTogether [Strategy/Product] [Discuss]

  • PTIP-32: Ethereum Operations Team [Staffing] [Discuss]

  • PTIP-35: Polygon Incentives! [Strategy] [Discuss]

⚔️ Synthetix

Live Votes

  • SCCP-137: Reduce L2 Target C-Ratio To 750% [Parameter Change] [View/Vote]

Recent Votes

  • SIP-169: Deprecate Low Volume L1 Synths [Development] [View]

  • SIP-120: Atomic Exchange Function [Product] [View]

  • SCCP-135: Open Account Merging Continuously [Development] [View]

  • SCCP-136: Increase L2 Inflationary Rewards to 50k [Product] [View]

  • SIP-155: Deprecating the synthetixDAO (ratifying the Treasury Council) [Treasury] [View]

🦄 Uniswap

Live Votes (Off-Chain)

  • Consensus Check - Support Stable UNI [Strategy/Treasury] [Vote]

Recent Votes (Off-Chain)

  • Temperature Check: Support $oneUNI Stablecoin [Strategy/Treasury] [View]

New Discussions

  • Consensus Check - Support Stable UNI [Strategy/Treasury] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Temperature Check: Support $oneUNI Stablecoin [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Uniswap Liquidity Program v0.1 [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • Deploy Uniswap v3 to Arbitrum Mainnet [Development] [Discuss]

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