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🗣️ Tweets

📚 Good Reads

🎧 Podcasts/Videos

👻 Aave

Live Votes

  • Add DPI on Aave V2 [Product] [Vote]

  • Extend Liquidity Incentives for Aave v2 [Development] [Vote]

New Discussions

  • ARC: Update AMPL interest rate curve to account for over-approximation in compounded interest [Development] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • ARC: List Aavegotchi $GHST token as collateral on Matic Aave network [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add support for DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Extend AAVE Liquidity Mining Rewards [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Aave Risk DAO [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Aave Market Launch on Harmony [Product/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add support for $FEI as a deposit currency [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Balancer “Trinity” Liquidity Pool Tokens as Collateral [Product] [Discuss]

🏦 Compound

Upcoming Votes

  • Set Pause Guardian to Community Multi-Sig [Meta/Development] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • Add Collateral Factors for MKR, SUSHI, AAVE, YFI, & LINK [Development] [View]

New Discussions

  • Compound governance is disorganized [Meta] [Discuss]

  • Formal process for new collateral assets [Strategy] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Add Market: SNX [Product] [Discuss]

  • Whitelist of addresses that can create proposals [Meta] [Discuss]

  • Compound Finance COMP rewards [Meta/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • PROPOSAL: Distribute DAI to Users Affected by DAI Liquidations [Treasury] [Discuss]

🦉 Index Coop

Live Votes

  • [COMPOUND-57] Set Pause Guardian to Community Multi-Sig [Meta-Governance] [Vote]

  • [AAVE-32] Extend Liquidity Incentives for Aave v2 [Meta-Governance] [Vote]

Upcoming Votes

  • IIP-72 Redirect FLI Revenue to Operations Account [Treasury] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • [IIP-62] DPI:ETH Liquidity Mining on Polygon [Strategy/Product] [View]

  • Decision Gate 2: Data Economy Index (DATA) [Product] [View]

  • DG1: Launching Llama Diversified Index (LDI) [Product] [View]

New Discussions

  • IIP-75: FLI Metagovernance Vote Delegation to Multisig [Meta/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • IIP-73: FLI Economic Model Upgrade - Past Gas Costs [Product] [Discuss]

  • IIP-78: Launch The Yield Hunter Index ($YHI) [Product] [Discuss]

  • Flipside UNI Delegation Post-Mortem [Meta] [Discuss]

  • What is autonomy? [Meta] [Discuss]

  • IIP-72 Redirect FLI Revenue to Operations Account [Treasury/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Formation of a Protocol Ownership Kick-Off Group [Staffing] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • **[Under Revision]** - Creation of Polygon 10 Index (P10) [Product] [Discuss]

  • IIP-69: Update Funding Council Wallet Signers [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Enable Full-Time Contributors to Vote with Vesting Tokens [Meta] [Discuss]

  • IIP-64: Methodologist Smart Contract Permissioning [Development] [Discuss]

  • The Funding Council is Adding 1 New Member [Staffing/Treasury] [Discuss]

  • IIP-65 DPI Liquidity Migration to Uniswap v3 with Staking [Development] [Discuss]

  • IIP-59-Final: Data Economy Index (DATA) [Product] [Discuss]

🎟️ PoolTogether

New Discussions

  • USDC Prize Pool on Polygon! [Product] [Discuss]

  • Pooltogether grants program renewal [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Sponsorship Split [Strategy/Product] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • PTIP-33: Polygon Operations Team [Staffing/Meta] [Discuss]

  • PTIP-32: Ethereum Operations Team [Staffing] [Discuss]

⚔️ Synthetix

Live Votes

  • SIP-174: Redeem Deprecated Synths [Development] [View/Vote]

Recent Votes

  • Reduce L2 Target C-Ratio To 900% [Parameter Change] [View]

New Proposals

  • SIP-175: Protocol Maintenance Funding [Treasury] [View]

🦄 Uniswap

Recent Votes (On-Chain)

  • Community-Enabled Analytics [Treasury/Strategy] [View]

Recent Votes (Off-Chain)

  • Consensus Check: Upgrade Governance Contract to Governor Bravo [Meta] [View]

New Discussions

  • Governance Proposal 8 - Upgrade Governance Contract to Compound’s Governor Bravo [Meta] [Discuss]

  • Governance Proposal UP1.2: Community-Enabled Analytics [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • A soft proposal to increase transparency for the Uniswap Grants Program [Treasury] [Discuss]

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