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👻 Aave

Recent Votes

  • AIP 21: Set Reserve Factors for GUSD and CRV [Development/Parameter Change] [View]

  • AIP 18: Aavenomics quarterly upgrade Q2 2021 [Development] [View]

New Discussions

  • Proposal: Disable MKR borrowing [Product/Strategy] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • ARC: Add support for DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add support for NMR [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Add Support for stETH (Lido) [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Adapt contracts slightly to improve DeFi composability [Development/Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add Support for RAI [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC:Add TUSD Liquidity Mining Rewards [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add LINK Liquidity Mining Rewards [Product] [Discuss]

  • Listing Proposal: Add dQuick as an AAVE-Polygon Lend/Borrow Option [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Add support for Golem Network Token (GLM) (updated version) [Product] [Discuss]

🏦 Compound

Ongoing Discussions

  • Polygon/Matic Starport [Development] [Discuss]

  • 1INCH Listing Proposal [Product] [Discuss]

  • Oracle quirks, or why you might get liquidated even at 95% borrow limit [Development] [Discuss]

  • Donated 78,000 USDC to the Compound USDC Pool [Meta] [View]

🦉 Index Coop

Recent Votes

  • [YEARN] YIP-62: Change Two Multisig Signers [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • IIP-44: BTC2x-FLI Parameter Update #3 [Parameter Change] [View]

  • IIP-43: Deprecation of the $CGI Product [Product] [View]

  • IIP-42: ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #6 [Parameter Change] [View]

New Discussions

  • Proposal to form a MetaGovernance Committee [Meta/Staffing] [Discuss]

  • TWG - Investment Account Philosophy [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Badger DAO Partnership: BTC2x-FLI & ibBTC [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Request for Discussion: Activate Intrinsic Productivity (IP) for DPI as a Standalone Product [Product] [Discuss]

  • ETH 2x FLI Backed by RAI [Product/Development] [Discuss]

  • Increasing community governance power [Meta] [Discuss]

  • IIP-46: Security - Operations & Investment Account [Treasury/Meta] [Discuss]

  • Liquidity Mining Strategy [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Proposing an Index Coop long weekend (June 10-13) [Staffing] [Discuss]

  • IIP-45 - Delegation of FLI parameters - Draft [Product/Parameter Change] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Index Socials Revamp [Marketing] [Discuss]

  • The Index Coop is a Startup [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Proposing a Business Development Working Group [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Agreeing a client Life Time Value (LTV) framework [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Uphold DeFi Income Index Proposal [Product] [Discuss]

  • Contributor Token Ownership Plan [Meta] [Discuss]

🎟️ PoolTogether

Recent Votes

  • PTIP 15: Part I - Reduce Drip Rates [Parameter Change] [View]

  • PTIP-15: Part 2 - Deposit POOL [Parameter Change] [View]

New Discussions

  • PTIP-17: Deposit USDC into USDC Prize Pool Sponsorship [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • PTIP-16: C4 Audit Contest [Strategy/Development] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Quickswap Mining with POOL/Quick [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • Reserve Rates [Treasury/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • POOL pool Jackpots [Strategy/Treasury] [Discuss]

  • Bridging POOL to Polygon [Development] [Discuss]

⚔️ Synthetix

Live Votes

  • SCCP-117: Lower the Wrappr MintFeeRate to 5 bp from 25 bp [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-116: Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 25 bp from 50 bp [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-115: Increase Cap on Wrappr to 100k ETH from 75k ETH [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-114: Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 25 bp from 37.5 bp [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-112: Ending ETH Trial Loan Programs [Treasury] [Vote]

  • SCCP-113: Reduce Curve SNX Inflation Rewards to 6k [Product] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • SCCP-111: Lower the Wrappr MintFeeRate to 37.5 bp from 50 bp [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SIP-137: Synchronized Epoch [Meta] [View]

  • SCCP-110: Increase Cap on Wrappr from 75k ETH from 50k ETH [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-109: Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 50 bp from 100 bp [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-108: Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 50 bp from 200 bp [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-107: Lower the Wrappr mintFeeRate to 75 bp from 100 bp [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-106:Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 75 bp from 200 bp [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SIP-140: Allow Exchange Into Origin Address [Product] [View]

  • SIP-139: Allow owner to reset the decentralized circuit breaker pricing [Product] [View]

  • SIP-138: Update Volume Tracking Event [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-105: Increase Cap on Wrappr to 50k ETH from 15k ETH [Parameter Change] [View]

🦄 Uniswap

Live Votes (Snapshot)

  • Should Uniswap lower the proposal submission threshold? [Meta] [Vote]

  • Funding a Political Defense of DeFi [Treasury/Strategy] [Vote]

  • Deploy Uniswap v3 on Arbitrum [Strategy/Development] | [Vote]

New Discussions

  • Deploy Uniswap v3 to xDai Chain [Strategy/Development] [Discuss]

  • Deploy Uniswap v3 to Arbitrum Mainnet [Strategy/Development] [Discuss]

  • Building Uniswap’s Moat: Attracting Non-DeFi Developers [Strategy] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Deploy Uniswap V3 on Polygon/Matic [Strategy/Development] [Discuss]

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