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👻 Aave

Live Votes

  • AIP 21: Set Reserve Factors for GUSD and CRV [Development/Parameter Change] [Vote]

New Discussions

  • Grant Proposal: Gitcoin Hackathon [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • Listing Proposal: Add dQuick as an AAVE-Polygon Lend/Borrow Option [Product] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Proposal: Add support for 1INCH Token [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Add Support for STASIS EURO (EURS) [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Add Support for stETH (Lido) [Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Adapt contracts slightly to improve DeFi composability [Development/Product] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Add support for FRAX [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add support for DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) [Product] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Add support for NMR [Product] [Discuss]

  • Gasless Voting on Aave [Meta] [Discuss]

  • ARC: Reduce flash loan fees, introduce a fee for 1-tx borrows and add a flash loans whitelist [Parameter Change/Product] [Discuss]

🏦 Compound

Recent Votes

  • Add LINK Support [Product] [View]

  • Add TUSD Support [Product] [View]

New Discussions

  • Safety and Gas Patches [Development] [Discuss]

  • stETH Listing Proposal [Product] [Discuss]

  • Polygon/Matic Starport [Development] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Temperature Check on Proposals for the Addition of YFI, SUSHI, MKR, SNX, and CRV [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Add Market: LINK [Strategy/Product] [Discuss]

🦉 Index Coop

Live Votes

  • IIP-44: BTC2x-FLI Parameter Update #3 [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • IIP-42: ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #6 [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • IIP-43: Deprecation of the $CGI Product [Product] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • IIP-40 ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #5 [Parameter Change] [View]

  • [AAVE-21] Set Reserve Factors for GUSD and CRV [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • [COMPOUND-46] Add LINK Support [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • [COMPOUND-45] Add TUSD Support [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • [BALANCER] [Proposal] Authorize Gauntlet for Oracle Pools [Meta-Governance] [View]

New Discussions

  • Index Socials Revamp [Marketing] [Discuss]

  • IIP-43: Deprecation of the $CGI Product [Product] [Discuss]

  • IIP-41: Allow investors & contributors to vote with tokens held in OTC vesting contract [Meta] [Discuss]

  • IIP-42: ETH2x-FLI Parameter Update #6 [Parameter Change] [Discuss]

  • Upcoming initiatives in Community Management (+extras) [Staffing/Marketing] [Discuss]

  • DAO Lego Index Proposal [Product] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • The Index Coop is a Startup [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Calling Potential Protocol Ambassadors [Strategy/Meta-Governance] [Discuss]

  • Fireblocks Treasury Reward [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • IIP 13 - Flexible Leverage Index [Product] [Discuss]

  • Who are our customers? [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • [Pre-proposal Discussion and Draft] Ethereum Scalability Layers Index (L2 Index) [Product] [Discuss]

🎟️ PoolTogether

Live Votes

  • PTIP 15: Part I - Reduce Drip Rates [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • PTIP-15: Part 2 - Deposit POOL [Parameter Change] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • PTIP-14: PoolTogether Grants Committee [Treasury] [View]

  • PTIP-13 Revised Treasury Diversification [Treasury] [View]

New Discussions

  • Bridging POOL to Polygon [Development] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • $1 million weekly prizes & POOL distribution [Treasury/Strategy] [Discuss]

  • PTIP-13: Revised Treasury Diversification [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • Using KPI options to promote growth and strengthen community [Strategy] [Discuss]

⚔️ Synthetix

Live Votes

  • SCCP-109: Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 50 bp from 100 bp [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-108: Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 50 bp from 200 bp | [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-107: Lower the Wrappr mintFeeRate to 75 bp from 100 bp [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-106:Reduce Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 75 bp from 200 bp [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SIP-140: Allow Exchange Into Origin Address [Product] [Vote]

  • SIP-139: Allow owner to reset the decentralized circuit breaker pricing [Product] [Vote]

  • SIP-138: Update Volume Tracking Event [Parameter Change] [Vote]

  • SCCP-105: Increase Cap on Wrappr to 50k ETH from 15k ETH [Parameter Change] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • SCCP-104: Lower the Wrppr MintFeeRate to 100 bp from 200 bp [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-103: Increase Issue Fee Rate on ETH backed loans to 2% [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-102: Increase Cap on Wrappr from 5k ETH to 15k ETH [Product/Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-101: Decrease Cap on sUSD and sETH loans [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-100: Initial Parameters of ETH Wrappr [Parameter Change] [View]

  • SCCP-99: Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 110 million from sUSD 90 million [Product/Parameter Change] [View]

🦄 Uniswap

Ongoing Discussions

  • Deploy Uniswap V3 on Polygon/Matic [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • UNI should become an oracle token [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Uniswap Governance Powers in v3 [Parameter Change] [Discuss]

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