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📝 Weekly DAO Updates

A collection of curated updates written by Boardroom Governance Scribes.

👻 Aave

AAVE Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @mori_eth

AAVE governance got to vote on a few important proposals this week, including renewing the liquidity mining program at a reduced rate, and adding Fireblocks as whitelisted for AAVE ARC. With V3 also around the corner, AAVE shows no signs of taming its shipping addiction.

🅱️ BanklessDAO

BanklessDAO Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @GrendelCrypto

BanklessDAO this week is focusing its attention on how to change the consent procedures for the next Season.

🏦 Compound

Compound Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @nickmartitsch

The Compound community has a landmark governance proposal in the review stage that would make OpenZeppelin the continuous auditor of the Compound protocol.

⚖️ LeXpunK

LeXpunK Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @SH_Brennan

Big news at LeXpunK this week. They have been evaluating how to gain efficiencies and really be able to scale LeXpunK into a much bigger movement.

🥧 PieDAO

PieDAO Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @kitblake

TL;DR: No active votes at the moment, some ongoing Forum discussions, and a PieDAO Bounty Drop!

🎟️ PoolTogether

PoolTogether Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @tangfeng0x

V4 has launched, and with this comes new lottery pools and better distribution of winners.

🌱 Radicle

Radicle Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @vikudyawer

A relatively quiet week on Radicle’s Twitter page again. Quite a bit of discussion on the Snapshot poll taken at the start of the month which has resulted in some modifications leading to the current live (v2.0) Snapshot poll this week until the 29th of this month.

Despite this, ongoing discussions continue increasing the awareness of Radicle, treasury’s role in covering costs for Radicle Orgs, and; new discussions regarding onboarding teams onto Radicle Orgs and removing the registration fee for their names.

🦊 Shapeshift

Shapeshift Weekly Update - November 18, 2021 by @singularityhack

This week’s update focuses on the highlights from ShapeShift’s 16th weekly governance call and relevant discussions around it.

⚔️ Synthetix

Synthetix Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @aware_mark

  • Aelin Protocol presented as a guest in the Spartan City Hall on November 17th

  • A reminder that a New Voting Guide was released for new Synthetix Community Members here

  • Rewards are now claimable here by all addresses who delegated $UNI for the Governance Participation Program

  • All Synthetix Improvement Proposals here

🦄 Uniswap

Uniswap Weekly Update - November 19, 2021 by @aware_mark

  • Uniswap Community Call 14 took place November 17th, 2021

  • Web3 Jam Hackathon started today November 12th and will run through November 24th

  • Web3 Jam Events going on daily in the ETHGlobal Discord

  • The Unit as a replacement for stablecoins

  • Add 1 Basis Point Fee Tier (Voted Yes)

  • BED Index Proposal and Quadratic Voting Discussion Ongoing

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