🤘 Rock the Vote: Week 9

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👻 Aave


  • Deepen cooperation with Yearn [Strategy] [View]

  • Discussion AAVE Layer 2 Solutions [Development] [View]

  • Opening Aave on the BSC [Development] [View]

🏦 Compound

Live Votes

  • ZRX, BAT, and WBTC Parameter Update [Parameter Change] [Vote]


  • Compound Grants Program [Treasury] [View]

  • Compound Gateway Testnet [Development] [View]

  • Governor Bravo Development [Development] [View]

  • Oracle Infrastructure: Chainlink Proposal [Development] [View]

💸 Gnosis

Recent Votes

  • GIP 7: Pay GNO Reward for GNO<>ETH Sushi LP [Strategy] [View]

New Discussions

  • Should GnosisDAO launch a Liquidity Mining program for prediction markets using Gnosis Conditional Tokens? [Marketing] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Should GnosisDAO establish OWL as a stable coin? [Product] [View]

  • Should GnosisDAO lower the quorum threshold for required YES GNO to 4%? [Meta] [View]

  • Should GnosisDAO allow to use GNO locked in balancer pools for voting in snapshot proposals? [Meta] [View]

🦉 Index Coop

Live Votes

  • [COMPOUND-39] ZRX, BAT, and WBTC Parameter Update [Meta] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • Decision Gate 1: Metaverse Index (MVI) [Product] [View]

New Discussions

  • IIP-17 Token Terminal Index [Proposals] [View]

  • Index Coop - Financial Reporting [Growth] [View]

  • IIP-16 Smart Treasury [Proposals] [View]

  • Let’s create the BED Index [Proposals] [View]

  • Accounting for client Life Time Value in growth experiments [Growth] [View]

  • IIP-18 ETH2x FLI Liquidity Mining [Proposals] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • 3 Immediate Strategic Needs for the Coop [Organization] [View]

  • IIP-14 DPI Liquidity mining #4 [Product/Marketing] [View]

  • Short Term Treasury Diversification [Treasury] [View]

🎟️ PoolTogether

Live Votes

  • Slow the Dai and USDC POOL distribution rates to match COMP and UNI pools [Strategy/Product] [Vote]

New Discussions

  • Create a Treasury Reserve [Proposals] [View]

  • POOL Depositor Distribution [Proposals/Product] [View]

  • Extraordinary Airdrop to Governance Participants [Proposals/Meta] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • PoolTogether & NFTs [Strategy] [View]

  • Incentivizing Protocol Operations [Operations/Strategy] [View]

  • Will Pool go to Binance Smart Chain [Strategy/Product] [View]

🦄 Uniswap

New Discussions

  • Rug Pulls on Uniswap [Meta] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Uniswap Liquidity Incentive Plan [Strategy] [View]

  • Transaction Fee Distribution [Operations/Strategy] [View]

  • Should UNI Holders Be Rewarded? [Meta/Strategy] [View]

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