🤘 Rock the Vote: Week 12

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👻 Aave

Ongoing Discussions

  • Gasless Voting on Aave [Governance] [View]

  • Aave Protocol V1 -> V2 migration tool and transition plan [Development] [View]

  • Proposal: Add Support For AMPL [Product] [View]

  • Proposal: Add Support for 1inch [Product] [View]

🏦 Compound

Live Votes

  • Migration to Governor Bravo [Governance] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • Legacy market migration: WBTC [Development] [View]

  • Compound Grants Program [Treasury] [View]


  • COMP staking Collateralization [Development] [View]

  • Governor Bravo Proposal [Governance] [View]

  • Facilitate Trading Using Pooled Assets [Development] [View]

  • ALPHA Listing Proposal [Product] [View]

  • Legacy market migration: WBTC [Development] [View]

  • Oracle Infrastructure: Chainlink Proposal [Development] [View]

💸 Gnosis

New Forum Posts

  • GIP-9: Launch Liquidity Mining program for Prediction Markets using Gnosis Conditional Tokens [Product/Meta] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • GIP-8: Enable LP token voting on Snapshot [Meta] [Discuss]

🦉 Index Coop

Live Votes

  • [COMPOUND-42] Migration to Governor Bravo [Meta-goverance] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • Decision Gate 2: Metaverse Index (MVI) [Product] [View]

  • [COMPOUND-41] Legacy market migration: WBTC [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • Decision Gate 1: Token Terminal Index (TTI) [Product] [View]

  • [COMPOUND-40] Compound Grants Program [Meta-Governance] [View]

  • Telegram launch [Communications] [View]

  • [COMPOUND-39] ZRX, BAT, and WBTC Parameter Update [Meta-Governance] [View]

New Forum Posts

  • Full-Time Contributor Retention [Community] [Discuss]

  • Proposal: Analytics Working Group [Strategy/Community] [Discuss]

  • IIP-15 Work Team Analysis [Product/Governance] [Discuss]

  • Introducing the Community Methodologist Role [Community] [Discuss]

  • DPI Institutional Sales Strategy [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • Proposing a Treasury + Product Working Group [Strategy/Community] [Discuss]

  • Working Group - Contributor Reward Framework [Strategy/Community] [Discuss]

  • DeFi Partnerships & Integrations Strategy [Strategy] [Discuss]

  • IIP-18 ETH2x FLI Liquidity Mining #1 (Draft 2) [Governance] [Discuss]

  • Process Framework: Partnerships [Governance] [Discuss]

🎟️ PoolTogether

Live Votes

  • Proposal #4 - PTIP6: This proposal is a repeat of PTIP-3, as PTIP-3 failed to execute [Marketing/Product] [Vote]

  • PTIP-4: Implement Badger Pool As Trial Governance Pool [Meta] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • Proposal #3 - Implement POOL Pool Rewards [Marketing/Product] [View]

  • PTIP-5: Increase Reserve Rate in Governed Pools [Treasury] [View]

Ongoing Discussions

  • POOL token Airdrop for POD users who should have qualified [Treasury] [Discuss]

  • Will Pool go to Binance Smart Chain [Strategy/Product] [Discuss]

  • 2% of rewards for charity [Treasury] [Discuss]

⚔️ Synthetix

Live Votes

  • Project Swap Eth Gas Comittio 0 [Product/Parameter] [Vote]

Recent Votes

  • SCCP-90: Update Price Deviation Threshold Factor to 1.6 [Product/Parameter] [View]

  • SIP 114: Adding FAANG Synths [Product] [View]

  • SIP 115: Adding sMSFT Synth [Product] [View]

  • SIP-113 Re-enable sKRW [Product] [View]

  • SCCP-88: Redirect current iETH 16K SNX incentives to sETH short incentives [Treasury/Incentives] [View]

  • SCCP-88: Increase loans and shorts cap to sUSD 50 million [Product/Parameters] [Vote]

Pending Proposals

  • SIP 125: Create synths for top traded US stock index etfs [Product] [View]

🦄 Uniswap

New Discussions

  • Right Time for UNI Screenshot Airdrop to HODLers private wallet [Marketing/Treasury] [Discuss]

Ongoing Discussions

  • Fee switch date approaching, time to act [Product] [Discuss]

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