🎙️ Infinite Time Horizons and the Future of DAO Treasuries w/ Shreyas Hariharan

Stateless Podcast - Episode 5

The Stateless Podcast hosted by Commodore continues with an episode featuring Shreyas Hariharan, founder of Llama.

Shreyas is an active participant in several DAOs, including Uniswap and AAVE, the latter of which we wrote about last week when Shreyas successfully led the creation of the new AAVE Grants initiative. Through Llama, Shreyas is pushing DAOs forward by helping them be more thoughtful and active with regards to treasury management. He has a wealth of information and a valuable perspective that all of us interested in the emerging DAO ecosystem can learn from.

You can read a quick summary of the conversation below and listen on your favorite podcast app by clicking one of the links.

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In their conversation, Commodore and Shreyas talk about several related and thought-provoking topics, including:

  • DAOs vs startup fundraising

  • Managing protocol DAO treasuries and diversification

  • Grants programs and ecosystem development

  • The time horizons for different types of DAOs

  • What tokens actually represent

  • Communities as a moat

  • The long tail of DAOs

  • How to think about jobs within DAOs

  • Mergers and acquisitions in the DAO space

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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