🎙️ Governance 2.0 and Yearn w/ Tracheopteryx

Stateless Podcast - Episode 6

The Stateless Podcast hosted by Commodore continues with an episode featuring Tracheopteryx, a Yearn contributor focused on operations.

Tracheopteryx and Commodore dive into Yearn’s DAO, how it’s organized, and how Yearn approaches balancing decentralization and efficiency in its operations. If you don’t know much about how Yearn operates, this is a great introduction and a solid foundation to build your knowledge.

You can read a quick summary of the conversation below and listen on your favorite podcast app by clicking one of the links.

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In this episode, Commodore and Tracheopteryx get into:

  • Striking the right balance between decentralization and efficiency in DAO operations

  • Coordination amongst teams in a DAO

  • What governance 2.0 means

  • Checks and balances within Yearn

  • How yTeams work

  • The role of YFI holders within Yearn governance

  • The different types of proposals Yearn participants can make

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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